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Aika Sushi Restaurant


  • Zwierzyniecka 30, 31-105 Kraków
  • +48 514 833 558

Welcome to Aika Sushi Restaurant!

Aika Sushi Restaurant is a modern restaurant providing a wide choice of delicious Japanese dishes ranging from traditional sushi sets, miso soups to traditional Japanese warm dishes such as katsudon or ramen.

We also provide complex catering services with the chef Mr Katsuhiro Kudo’s shows and nice waiters and waitresses from Poland and Asia.

We employ a very experienced staff: The chef comes from Hokkaido, Japan and prides himself on a 15-year experience. The cooks and waiters guarantee the best possible level of service and quality of the dishes served by us.

Our dishes are exceptional in taste and prepared on the spot after an order is taken, that’s why the waiting time may take as long as 30 minutes. While waiting for the main dish the customers can be served mouthwatering starters and drinks to whet their appetite. The prices are competitive and the atmosphere extremely friendly.

Visit us and have a good time!

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