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Corleone Resteurant


  • Poselska 19, Kraków
  • 12 429 51 26

Corleone Resteurant

How it is eaten in Corleone Restaurant?

Definitely in Italia style!

Appetisers, main course, desserts, liquers and wines, all of that is based on clasical Italia tastes.

Using fresh fish, seafoos, madehome pasta (fabulous Papardelle, delicate ravioli, delicous Fettuccine) and maet, cuisine Has its own devoted funs who visit Poselska street since ages.

Corleone Restaurant Has been open for several years and even though there are planty of Italia restaurant in Cracow this is the most popular and apreciated by demanding customers.

Not only Sicilian gangsters figures invite inside but also great opinion which causes that who ever visited as once returnem or regular basis.

Oysters, mussels, calamari and octopus, Chef experimantes on numerous ocasious and updates the menu eVery season.

It is not all about cuisine in Corleone Restaurant.

Wine Menu maliny consists of marvelous Italia wines. Currently you can taste a variety of Chianti wines.

In cosy, trattoria style restaurant rooms you can easily eat and relax, have a great time.

It’s romantic and chaber and a garden open through summer days is widely known for almost everyone in Cracow.

If you want to organised a bussines meeting, Corleone is a perfect place for that. With an easy Wi Fi access, delicate bussines issues can be disscussed in small, camfortable restaurant rooms

In addition to all of that, young and smiling staff is always happy to help.

You will be certainly advised on the best dishes and wines.

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