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Ed Red – Steak house


  • ul. Sławkowska 3
  • +48 690 900 555

Ed Red – Steak House

Ed Red is the first steakhouse in Poland that offers dry aged beef and cooperates exclusively with local beef producers.

We promote tastes of Poland extracted purely from Polish food products.

As one of the few restaurants in Poland we were awarded with the three most prestigious recommendations in the world of gastronomy: Slow Food Polska Organization, Michelin Guide ‘Main Cities of Europe’ and  ‘Gault & Millau’ guide.


Adam Chrząstowski – the chief cook with 25 years of international experience. He worked at the most renowned hotels in Warsaw: Bristol, Sheraton and Rialto. As a chief he also travelled through Europe and the Far East.

Fallen in love with Polish flavours and food products. The taste always comes first and then the visual texture and appearance of food. He cooperates with Slow Food, writes columns and organize culinary arts courses. A juror in numerous culinary competitions. In 2011, the Chief Culinary Consultant during the Polish Presidency of the European Union.


We specialize in meat and this what makes our restaurant exceptional is the steak aging technique.
Our beef is dry aged – within several days, in a specially adapted steak lockers, the best parts of local beef are ripening and becoming soft and juicy. By doing that we can take pride in having natural and concentrated flavour steaks.

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  1. jonasz pisze:

    Rewelacyjne mięso – gorąco polecamy

  2. jarka pisze:

    Uwielbiam – jak jesteśmy w krakowie zawsze tam zaglądamy 😀 jest pysznie :DDD

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