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Edo Sushi


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About Edo Sushi

Edo Sushi Bar – The Krakow district Kazimierz is famous not only from its centuries old history.

It is also – besides Marketplace and Old Town – a peculiar gastronomy center, full of pubs, cafes, clubs and restaurants with very diverse profile. A season lasts here 12 months a year and in general small cafes are getting filled up with frequent visitors: students, artists, couples in love, beer lovers, but also sophisticated gourmets…


Dishes offered by Edo Sushi and Edo Fusion Japanese & Thai Cuisine restaurants give you an opportunity to enjoy the culinary art of the Far East, with a rich tradition of countries such as Japan, Thailand or China. You will learn the subtle flavors and sophisticated forms of food, resembling the beauty and harmony of this remote cultural and culinary world. We provide a wide range of catering services, starting from the menu that fits your needs through the delivery and organization of theme backgrounds for intimate receptions, conferences, events, banquets, fairs, openings and a variety of sporting events, even up to 500 people.

Edo history

But in the reach culinary landscape of Kazimierz a restaurant specialized in sushi was missing. Joanna Ryciak and Piotr Zajaczkowski – creators and owners of “Edo Sushi” were not satisfied with the standard of few Krakow restaurants, which offered this Japanese delicacy. Their fascination of the Japanese cuisine went beyond visits in the Asian, American and West European sushi – bars and inclined them to gather the specialized literature, participate in sushi – trainings and workshops and finally led to establishing of an own restaurant.

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