Paralaksa tła

Harris Piano Jazz Bar


  • Rynek Glówny 28, Kraków
  • 12 421 57 41

About Harris club

There is a club in Cracow different than any other…

It’s a place where your dreams about perfect music, excellent service, friendly and amazing people and climatic interior come true.

The Harris Piano Jazz Bar can offer all of the elements mentioned. It is the only club in Poland and the second club in Europe, where there are authorial jazz concerts every day. Rynek Główny 28 is the address which has become a considerable location in Cracow’s cultural events calendar.

It is a unique place, where you can listen to a great music drinking a delicious beverages, an aromatic beer or savoring the taste of a stronger drink. Everyone will find something special there, as Harris Club prefers all kinds of jazz – from classics to new age. That diversity is crucial since, thanks to it, is possible to satisfy even the most demanding music lovers.

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