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Hotel Stary


  • Szczepańska 5 St., Kraków
  • 12 384 08 08

About Hotel Stary

There are places where time takes on a completely different dimension.

STARY HOTEL is the first price winner of the renowned Paris contest Prix Villégiature as „the most beautiful hotel interior design in Europe”. The charming atmosphere, elegance and style of the building blend together with the modern surroundings.

Proud of the centuries – old history of the tenement, we implement modern, highest quality standards of hotel industry. All 53 rooms of the five-star hotel are located on six storeys in two parts of the building: historic and new. Each level is characterized by different colour scheme and decorations.

hotel stary krakow, cracow best hotel restaurant, event, trip
hotel stary krakow, cracow best hotel restaurant, event, trip

STARY HOTEL offers 53 luxurious rooms:

– 8 single rooms
– 27 double rooms
– 7 double rooms with 2 beds
– 4 Junior Suite rooms
– 4 suites
– 3 Luxury suites

Banquet and Conference Center (two rooms), Wellness&Spa with two swimming pools, salt cave, dry and steam saunas and fitness, Trzy Rybki restaurant, Lounge bar, Summer restaurant and Sky Bar located on the top terraces overlooking the Main Square.

The history of the hotel

There is an unusual story behind Szczepańska Street where the hotel is located. In times when one of the official study topics at Jagiellonian University was wizardry, famous magicians and astrologists, such as Paracelsus, John Dee, Edward Kelley and even doctor Faust himself frequented it. Szczepańska Street may easily be compared to Golden Lane in Prague.

There are many reasons why Stary Hotel is described with these words: “with form they can reach further, they made it possible to reach beyond what’s material and visible“. The building of Stary Hotel has been adapted from a ruined, XIV century tenement. During renovation, many historical details were kept, thanks to which we can now notice elements of various architectural styles: from gothic, through renaissance and baroque to classicism.

Inside the tenement, several antique elements have been renovated, gothic beams have been partially reconstructed, XVIII century polychromes have been revealed and early XVI century piers between windows have been perfectly kept.

hotel stary krakow, cracow best hotel restaurant, event, trip
hotel stary krakow, cracow best hotel restaurant, event, trip

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