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ICE Krakow


  • ul. Marii Konopnickiej 17
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ICE Kraków

ICE Kraków – Prestige and Modernity

Over 36.000 m² of conference space, an Auditorium ready to host 2000 people, a spacious and multifunctional foyer adapted for activities such as hosting of exhibitions and sponsor and exhibition stands; additionally, the building’s excellent location in the centre of Krakow – these are only some of the assets of the multifunctional ICE Kraków Congress Centre erected in Krakow, an investment made by Krakow’s municipal government.

Fronting the Vistula River, Old Town and Podgórze.

The Congress Centre designed by us creates a new architectural point of reference for the partt of the city bordering on the Vistula boulevards, while at the same time being in keeping with the prestigious, historical and modern context – starting with Wawel Hill, and moving on to the panorama over old Krakow, Kazimierz and Podgórze.

ICE Kraków have three main halls at its disposition: an Auditorium, a Theatre Hall and Chamber Hall, accommodating a maximum of 2100, 600 and 300 users respectively.

Aside from the unique Auditorium Hall, the second biggest Theatre Hall is especially deserving of note: its folding seats will allow the floor area to be increased when being used for banquets or exhibitions. The centre, able to accommodate 3200 participants, offers also a complex ofconference halls with regulated moveable walls, a glazed three-floor foyer with a view of Wawel, a multifunctional exhibition hall and support areas.


Around the Centre, a special complex for transportation has been erected encompassing ground level parking lots, a bus and minibus terminal and an area for mobile transmission units, as well as a two-level underground parking lot for 347 vehicles. Travelling from the airport takes about 20 minutes, and from the railway and bus stations, it takes barely a quarter of an hour to get to ICE Kraków.

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