Paralaksa tła

Lokal Club


  • Main Square 6
  • (+48) 735 00 17 91

About Lokal Music Club

A vast, cavernous and circuitous Cracovian cellar club right on the Rynek that features 3 bars, 2 dancefloors, a smoking room, plenty of snogging nooks and nightly parties that are always free, Lokal achieves an all-inclusive atmosphere that somehow maintains a shred of urban cool, despite the inebriated exuberance of the sexy students that make up the crowd.

The design isn’t much aside from the medieval foundations and some well-deployed epilepsy-inducing LEDS (also the fact that this bar is brought to you by Ballantines is hard to miss), and the booming music is mostly contemporary chest-bouncing dance hits, but anyone looking for a full aviary of young local birds to chat up will be well-pleased.


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