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5 kwietnia 2017

Well Done

Wyjątkowe miejsce w sercu Kazimierza w Krakowie, gdzie możecie zasmakować prawdziwej amerykańskiej kuchni.
19 lutego 2017

Saltworks Castle & Museum

From the Daniłowicza Shaft it’s a short, rather picturesque walk to the Saltworks Castle, which served as the administrative seat of the Cracow Saltworks Board.
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Best in Cracow

18 lipca 2016

ICE Krakow

ICE Kraków – Prestige and Modernity. Over 36.000 m² of conference space, an Auditorium ready to host 2000 people, a spacious and multifunctional foyer adapted for activities such as hosting of exhibitions.
18 lipca 2016

Mamma Mia Restaurant

Solar Italia evokes memories of the unforgettable travel - mountains beautiful at any time of the year,turquoise sea, providing the finest wine vineyards in the world, Tuscan, and finally the sun of Sicily,which he does not forget and flavors, for which just missed.
13 lipca 2016

Sakana Restaurant

At the heart of Cracow, near Wawel, and yet away from the noisy Main Square. Just a few minutes away from the Kazimierz District you can have the best sushi in town. Gertrudy 7 is the perfect place.
13 lipca 2016

Edo Sushi

Edo Sushi Bar - The Krakow district Kazimierz is famous not only from its centuries old history. It is also – besides Marketplace and Old Town – a peculiar gastronomy center, full of pubs, cafes, clubs and restaurants with very diverse profile.
13 lipca 2016

Wesele Restaurant

The Wesele Restaurant located on the Main Square in Krakow, opposite the Cloth Hall and the picturesque St. Adalbert church, makes a reference in its name and décor to Wyspiański’s great work “The Wedding”.
7 lipca 2016

Aika Sushi Restaurant

Aika Sushi Restaurant is a modern restaurant providing a wide choice of delicious Japanese dishes ranging from traditional sushi sets, miso soups to traditional Japanese warm dishes such as katsudon or ramen.
5 lipca 2016
lakiery orly kraków

Papaya Studio

Studio Papaya – oferuje profesjonalny manicure i pedicure, lakiery hybrydowe ORLY Gel FX. Zapraszamy do naszego salonu, plac Słowiański 4 w Krakowie.
28 czerwca 2016

Arstechne Festival

22 czerwca 2016

Piwnica Pod Baranami

Każdy koncert w wykonaniu artystów kabaretu Piwnica Pod Baranami jest wielkim wydarzeniem artystycznym. Przybywają na nie ludzie z całej Polski i z zagranicy.
16 czerwca 2016

Bunkier Cafe

Attached to Kraków's best contemporary art gallery, this enclosed terrace bar/cafe on the Planty resembles a spacious greenhouse wherein the plants have been replaced with couples, happy hour colleagues and English teachers giving private lessons...
16 czerwca 2016

Harris Piano Jazz Bar

There is a club in Cracow different than any othe. It’s a place where your dreams about perfect music, excellent service, friendly and amazing people and climatic interior come true.
16 czerwca 2016

Diva Club

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