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Pałac Bonerowski


  • Rynek Główny 42, Kraków
  • +48 12 37 41 300

Pałac Bonerowski

The Bonerowski Palace is situated in a historic building, whose origins can be traced to the late thirteenth century.

Common name comes from Boners, noble family, which played an important role at the court of the Jagiellonian dynasty. Tenement rebuilt several times, partially complementing the original Gothic style elements of the Renaissance and Baroque.

In 1836, rebuilt the front elevation, and in the mid-nineteenth century, a number of changes were made to expand the facility, without interfering with the integrity of the design, so that the building became eclectic, historicist character. Today this unique property of The Bonerowski Palace is one of the finest monuments of mixed architecture of old Krakow.

Archaeologists identified here important architectural treasures, like a medieval pillar cut in a way that Gothic murals depicting rural scenes, a wonderful specimen of the seventeenth century. In this beautiful place in the magical surroundings of old Kraków, operates a luxury The Bonerowski Palace, the place where history and spirit of several eras are intertwined with modern technology, comfort and kitchens in the world.


The centre of Krakow is the perfect place to hold a formal meeting, symposium, conference, or formal banquet. Each of these events will gain in prestige, if held in a luxurious setting at The Bonerowski Palace.


Looking for a perfect eatery in Krakow? There are as many as three elegant places in the beautiful, historic setting of The Bonerowski Palace where guests will find fine dining and fun. Cozy café, gourmet restaurant, stylish music club – all waiting near Old Market Square in Krakow.

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