• Pl. Dominikański 6
  • (+48) 733 70 46 50
  • list item 1
  • http://www.prozakdwazero.pl

About Prozak 2.0

Once a honey-trap for horny foreigners hoping to ‘pull’ from the pool of bottle blondes happily putting drinks on their tabs, a post-renovation relaunch has gotten Prozak back into the good graces of Kraków’s serious clubbing scene, and back onto the cutting edge with an impressive line-up of top DJs on weekends. The interior remains an endless maze of underground rooms over two levels with an incredible four bars and three dance-floors on which to wild out. The crowd is mostly local, but just as fun, flirty and foreign-friendly as ever, with the party continuing until the natural selection of those with blondes and those with kebabs takes place in the blurry light of another dawn.

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