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Saltworks Castle & Museum


  • Zamkowa 8, Wieliczka
  • 12 278 58 49

About Saltworks Castle & Museum

From the Daniłowicza Shaft it’s a short, rather picturesque walk to the Saltworks Castle, which served as the administrative seat of the Cracow Saltworks Board.

Originally built between the 13th and 16th centuries, the castle was demolished during World War II before being beautifully reconstructed in 1984. The castle courtyard features the foundations of the original oval-shaped defensive walls and a 14th century tower that once housed a prison and shooting gallery.

The main building holds a museum documenting the history of Wieliczka and the castle itself from its early beginnings to modern times, local archaeological findings, a model of 19th century Wieliczka, a collection of saltcellars from all over the world, and other temporary exhibits.

With little to no information in English, the museum is hardly required visiting but interesting enough to warrant the negligible entry fee if you have time. In June 2013 it was also included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, so that must be worth something, right?

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