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Wesele Restaurant


  • Main Square 10
  • 12 422 74 60

About Wesele Restaurant

The Wesele Restaurant located on the Main Square in Krakow, opposite the Cloth Hall and the picturesque  St. Adalbert church, makes a reference in its name and décor to Wyspiański’s great work “The Wedding” (Wesele).

The Main Square and the Bronowice district were used as the background of Wyspiański’s well-known drama. For us, the Main Square, carriages riding on the Square as well as the restaurant’s décor: the painted wildflower wreaths and bouquets, embroidered half-curtains and cushions on ornamental benches, bouquets of fresh flowers, antique accents in the form of frescos or painted wooden vaults, all create the backdrop for what is the most important for us, and that is the traditional Polish cuisine, full of regional dishes, hand-made dumplings, venison and mushroom dishes, as well as seasonal dishes connected with Polish culture and the holidays we celebrate, capturing the full richness of flavours and aromas.

In the Wesele Restaurant, you can try the best Polish cuisine, and the scenery of the place with the view of the Main Square, as well as the professional management and waiters add to the uniqueness of this place.

Offer for tourist groups

The Wedding Restaurant, located in the Main Square, the most important tourist point of the city, close to St. Mary’s Basilica, the Cloth Hall and the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow, next to the Royal Route leading to the Wawel Castle, is a very convenient meeting point and a place where foreign visitors can easily go for lunch and dinner during or after exploring Krakow sights. There are almost 200 seats available for organised groups and tours in the form of a lunch or seated dinner.

We also prepare special lunch and dinner menus in addition to the main menu, as well as performances by music and dance groups in traditional Krakow costumes. We also know how important punctuality is for tour guides, dictated mainly by pre-booked museum admissions, which is why we remain in phone contact with a designated contact person to coordinate the reservation times and to fit within the time frame of the reservation specified by the organiser.

Business meetings

The Wesele Restaurant creates the best conditions for business meetings, both in bigger and smaller groups. We’ll make sure to provide special discretion during the preparation and the course of these events. In accordance with the guests’ expectations, we can also adapt the menu, and provide the necessary equipment to conduct lectures, training or mini-conferences.
We offer:

  • Discrete reservations at tables in a quiet area
  • Arranging a special menu in addition the main menu
  • Payment on a later date
  • Other accommodations according to the needs and suggestions of our guests

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