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Wierzynek Resteurant


  • Main Market Square 16
  • +48 12 424 96 00

About Wierzynek

Our restaurant is situated in the Morsztynowska Tenement in the very heart of  Cracow’s old city – the largest medieval market square in Europe.

This marvelous place is surrounded by historic buildings: Florian Gate, St. Mary’s Basilica, St. Adalbert’s Church, Cloth Hall and Town Hall Tower. From our windows one can enjoy an excellent view of the Royal Road, its vicinity contributes to the magical ambience of this unique place.

The Restaurant itself is located on the first and second floor of this refurbished building and houses eight rooms each of different size and interior set.

Special Cousine

The cuisine in our restaurant pays tribute to the past, with authentic old Polish recipes enriched with modern elements. Our philosophy is to take our Guests back in time, and serve traditional Polish delicacies.

We cherish the tastes specific to the Polish culinary tradition, which includes savory meats, fish, groats, vegetables, mushrooms and typical Polish delicacies: pates, dumplings and our specialty: venison.

Wierzynek Restaurant is the best choice, if you would like to try dishes prepared according to old Polish royal court recipes and indulge in the experience of historic flavors. To meet the expectation of all our guests, we created a special vegetarian menu. All our dishes are prepared using high quality  seasonal products from Polish farms.

The Wierzynek Restaurant offers a special collection of alcohols: vodkas, liqueurs and meads which complement the artistry of our delicacies and refer to the Polish feasting tradition.

Cafe Wierzynek

Cafe Wierzynek stands for high elegance everyday! Each day we welcome by brewing fresh coffee. Its aroma fills our quality-focused café with excellent hand-made delicacies. Café Wierzynek is located on the ground floor of the famous tenement at the Main Market Square. This magic place has a unique character with extraordinary view of St. Mary’s Church, the Cloth Hall and Royal Route.

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