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Zara on the Main Square


  • Rynek Główny 5, Kraków
  • 12 370 47 91

About Zara on the Main Square

Zara, the flagship chainstore of Inditex Group has its stores at couple of locations in Krakow, scattered round local shopping malls.

The popularity of the brand, headquartered in A Coruna, Spanish Galicia, derives from the low-priced popular fashion products ranging from men’s and women’s clothing, through shoes, cosmetics and complements to children’s clothing called ‘Zara Kids’.

Compared with a six months industry average, it is said that it takes Zara just two weeks to develop and market a new product. They differ from competition focusing their efforts on understanding what the most demanded products among their customers are and then delivering them, rather then promoting new designs through fashion shows or other influential channels traditionally used in fashion and style industry.


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